The Team



George Parker –Founder

George oversees design, engineering, and technology integration for the eVaro. George creates most of FVT's designs from the ground up including body molds, frame and suspension components. He oversees all areas of prototyping to assure everything is completed to rigid design specifications. 
For the past 35 years George has developed a wide range of inventions from custom built master cylinders to ceramic coatings for large industrial pump housings, from man-powered catamarans to his biggest triumph to date – “the eVaro”. He loves the challenge of doing things that most people consider impossible. It seems that all the years George spent tinkering and imagining were the training ground for his greatest accomplishment - Future Vehicle Technologies.
George ran "GM Parker Consulting" for 20 years providing millwriight services, welding, fiberglassing and prototype deveopment for a wide range of companies. Recycling and the environment came to the forefront with his last company ‘Ceramiweld Technologies”. Being around large industry for years meant George saw an endless stream of expensive, critical components being thrown out because they had worn out.  George started Ceramiweld in 1988 when he discovered a new welding process that he describes as “Steel Velcro”. This proprietary technique bonds ceramic to steel allowing large costly industrial parts that wear out quickly (such as barge pumps moving sand and water) to be repaired rather than thrown out. Ceramiweld products are sold in Canada, the US, and South Africa and are used under license.

George gained a strong R&D background in the aviation industry when he built and tested components  for a light aircraft manufacturer. His aviation background set the stage for the aerodynamic design of the eVaro. George is a unique blend of design guru and hands-on prototype engineer. His abilities include design, machining, welding, fabricatiing, composites and plastics. George designed many of the machines FVT uses to build parts for the eVaro.

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Todd Pratt BEd.– CEO

Todd has a B.Ed. (Industiral Ed. - automotive) from the University of British Columbia. Todd taught for five years as an Industrial Education teacher before opening his first business in 1992. After five years he sold the business and started a renovation company while he and his wife designed their first “concept” restaurant (The Frogstone Grill) which opened in May 1999. The restaurant was ranked #131 in the top 200 fastest growing companies in Canada by Profit Magazine for 2000 - 2005, and earned a top spot as one of the fastest growing companies in BC for 5 year performance by Business in Vancouver. 5 year growth for the Frogstone was 383%.

Todd's relationship with FVT began as an investor in 2006. Fascinated by the potential of the electric car and the abilities of the FVT group, Todd became very involved in the business. He is now CEO, chairman of the board,  and oversees all business operations including visioning, budgeting, forecasting,  and marketing. He is responsible for investor relations, shareholder relations, government relations, and research grants. Todd is FVT’s university liaison and technology coordinator.

It was under Todd's guidance that FVT began designing and developing electric vehicle components 4 years ago. At that time the FVT team knew little about EV component design but Todd saw an opportunity to become pioneers in what he felt was the next revolution in drive systems for transportation. FVT now boasts some of the finest electric vehicle components in the industry and have become specialists in the field of electric vehicle drive trains, battery technology, and embedded systems.

Todd's strength is identifying and attracting talent to FVT. Through his efforts the company has a world-class group of advisors, university collaborators,  and industry specialists that have enabled FVT achieve their remarkable accomplishments over the past 5 years. Todd believes talented people and strong relationships are the foundation to a great company.

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Brad Zimmerman- Director of Engineering

Brad knew he was destined to be in the auto industry from the age of 10. His parents will testify to this as he regularly would dismantle anything mechanical trying to figure out how it worked. After high school Brad worked at different shops before he landing an apprenticeship with Good Year and BCIT. After years of being the top mechanic, Brad and his brother opened their first automotive shop, Bergman Motors. After doubling sales in the first year they began looking for another shop.

The focus of the new shop (Haney Automotive) was high performance, so Brad became Canada’s first and only distributor of Motec Racing Systems. He is still the  #1 Motec technician in Canada and regularly consults with race teams accross North America. Brad continues to upgrade his knowledge base, with his last class taking him to England for the Claude Rouelle course in Race Car Dynamics and Data Acquisition. Brad’s list of credentials include: Licensed automotive technician - ASE Master Tech interprovincial certified auto tech - Commercial vehicle inspector - Aircare certified technician - vehicle dynamics and race engineering training - Air Conditioning retro-fit certified - Natural Gas and Propane certified

Brad oversees electric drive train development, vehicle systems integration, emissions and data logging. He designs all CAN-bus and electrical architecture. Brad sources parts and vendors and coordinates engineering by other vendors. He is responsible for testing of the car and components and technologies and translating the results to the board.  He has experience with Solidworks and does much of the CAD modeling for the Company.

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Bart Boelryk PEng- Chief Engineer

Bart  is responsible for FVT's mechanical design, CAD modeling and stress testing. Bart’s career began as a manufacturing engineer for Magna International after which he moved to Livonia Michigan where he applied his manufacturing engineering skills with Rockwell International. Bart was promoted to Senior Design Engineer and played a key role on a small team of engineers that launched Rockwell international into the automotive seat hardware business. In 1995 Bart launched his own design engineering company and was contracted as lead engineer on many diverse factory automation projects in automotive, aerospace and consumer goods with applications that included, assembly, processing, material handling and testing equipment.

 Bart has a deep understanding of the mechanical design process and can strategically design parts and assemblies to exacting specifications. His design work on the eVaro reduced the vehicle's weight by over 25% while improving strength by a factor of 2.

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Tom Tourand- Director

Tom is a board member and oversees and maintains FVT’s computer systems. Tom has a degree in petroleum technology and an in-depth knowledge of high performance internal combustion engines. He holds records in the Canadian Motorcycle Pro-Street ¼ mile trap speed record with a speed of 166.6 mph.  Tom has started 3 businesses and currently owns Primetime Digital in Maple Ridge. Tom's troubleshooting skills are invaluable to FVT's prototype development and his business experience helps the company build for the future. Tom’s 15 years of self-employed have developed his business strengths of tenacity, management, motivation and problem solving. The team counts on Tom’s perspective and ability to see the bigger picture.

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Shane Brooker- Director

Shane has worked with George for over the past 10 years helping him create and develop new products for GM Parker Consulting and Ceramiweld. He has extensive prototype experience combined with a broad range of abilities in welding, fabricating, machining, plastics, fibreglass, composites, ceramics, epoxies and resins. Shane oversees the shop, coordinates shipments, looks after materials acquisition and shop safety. Shane has the ability to relay his knowledge clearly and concisely so other can be successful.  Shane is 29 years old but has insight far beyond his age. Shane's “hands on” approach to problem solving, and his uncanny ability to quickly cut to the chase have made him an invaluable team member.

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Andy Trottier: Director

Andy was the first investor in FVT. It was through Andy's persistence and passion that the company was funded in the initial years and he continues to be the driving force that brings new shareholders into the company.

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Mike Zimmerman - Logistics.

Mike oversees parts acquisition, shareholder relations and shop maintenance. Mike has a long career of managing and coordinating logistics for Canadian Tire and Corporate Express.


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Glenna Turner - Treasurer

Glenna Turner was a Chartered Accountant in public practice for many years. She specialized in auditing, systems design (data bases) , professional standards and start-up companies. She was the director of Finance and Administration for the Charted Accountants Institute of Alberta. Glenna is a shareholder with FVT, and FVT’s treasurer. She oversees the daily record keeping and prepares FVT’s year- ends for KPMG. She oversees grant submissions, SRED and IRAP filings. 

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