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The Car


The eVaro high performance electric sports car is unlike any other car on the road today -not just outside - but more importantly on the inside. In order for new concept vehicles to be successful they need to be not just be equal to or better than gas vehicles, they have to be exciting. The unique design and striking lines of the eVaro draw a crowd. Driving the eVaro is exhilarating - much like flying an airplane. It is fast, quiet, clean, and efficient and can travel 200 km on electricity alone with no emissions. For longer trips a revolutionary onboard gas generator provides unlimited range.


The eVaro appeals to consumers who want a clean, unique, powerful vehicle that rarely uses gasoline. They don’t want restrictions placed on their driving distance, speed or behaviour but they do want a vehicle that stands out in a crowd, uses cutting edge technology, rarely needs servicing and doesn’t harm the environment. There are many reasons to build a 3-wheeled car. They are more streamlined than the 4-wheeled vehicles, require less crash testing certification and homolugation capital, and therefore less expensive to produce.

This combined with 0 emissions for 90% of the time on the road and tandem seating (fewer left/ right hand drive issues) creates a brilliant competitive edge. Other innovations such as the eVaro’s modular design for upgrades (much the way computer owners upgrade old video cards) will set new standards in the industry.