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$1.38 million grant approved

 Traditionally, Ontario is the center of Canada's automotive development and production, but with west coast enthusiasm earning an Automotive Partnership Canada (APC) grant of $1.38 million, a slight "shift" might be in the works. Simon Fraser University, in collaboration with Future Vehicle Technologies, was awarded the APC grant to research how the excess heat from electric vehicles can be harnessed to provide vehicle air conditioning.

The full scope of the project involves a thermodynamics study of hybrid electric vehicles to develop new innovations for electric drive systems, battery packs, and air conditioning. This will be one of the first complete studies of electric vehicle thermodynamics at a fundamental, scientific level and sees SFU and FVT  join Toyota, Ballard, and Bombardier to be awarded funding from APC.


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From drive motors to custom inverters, battery management systems to racing dynamics, and high performance battery packs to 200 mpg sports cars FVT creates cutting-edge electric solutions. This is the place where high performance means more than just speed - it also means high environmental performance. This is the place where electric ideas become reality.